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Psycho Party Planner

Lus is gone for a world tour, so Jeanne takes a new boarder, nerdy pedagogy and philosophy student Brigitte. Now someone is selling a billiard table, Jef enlists Odilon to keep the room free, and Brigitte out, but Tineke assures here his horror stories -like rats- are just a prank on newbies- so she makes Jeanne believe she must be knowledgeable in philosophy, as here previous landlady supposedly did. Gentil has a new computer, but doesn't trust Hugo near it. Dieter calls: he has a foreign scholarship for the whole academic year, so Jef hopes to take his room, but the lout has send his own successor, party animal Lucas, and Jeanne gets Odilon to admit Dieter isn't gone for a mere month but a whole year in the USA.

Duration: 0 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 59


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